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Mount Pleasant & Dallas, Texas
Personalized Lighting Decor

Uplighting & Monograms

Utilize ALL of your colors to make it POP!

Picture this…your primary color envelops your room for cocktails and then you hear the “OOH…” from your guests as the room transforms to your secondary color just at the start of dinner.  The mood calls for romance for your first dance as the color of love red is seen everywhere as you glide across the floor.

Lighting equipment varies GREATLY!  Moore Music Entertainment utilizies “Exact Match” technology between our lighting and your color choices so there will be no surprises in what you see on your wedding day.  Let’s face it…a “pink” color will clash when your bridesmaids dresses are EGGPLANT.  Two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT colors.

Uplighting: $40/light for the first 10 lights. Each additional light is $30.

This includes programming, install and tear down.
Monogram Projection: $225 without another sevice, $195 with another service.
Pin Spotting: $25/pin minimum of 2.


If you have any questions before filling out this form please call 903.563.0505.